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Prepare for the capture of your imagination! A guitar strum, a bongo beat, a wink of the eye, and Bonnie transports you into the heart of Jewish Folklore. Bonnie Greenberg, M.S., is an experienced educator/storyteller who “touches the heart and teaches the mind...a perfect combination of the inspiring and the practical.” Her vibrant stories are rooted in her love of people, her Appalachian childhood, her life in Israel and her travels abroad. Her engaging stories replete with guitar, dumbek and song energize listeners of all ages. Jewish Folktales and World Folklore frame her performances and her Holocaust Commemoration programs are personally researched. Bonnie’s performances are enhanced by her many workshops (see website). She serves or has served in leadership positions of the National Jewish Storytelling Network, the Jewish Storytelling Coalition, and the LANES Board. Her audio recordings, “From the Hearts of the People” and “The Wonder Child” won several awards including a Parents’ Choice and NAPPA Gold!
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Bonnie, a storyteller of uncommon depth, tells with great power, integrity, and courage
Jay O’ Callahan
Bonnie tells with dignity and directness. She has a great affect on people with one brushstroke! Marvelous!
Peninnah Schram