Hal Miller-Jacobs

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17 Swan Lane Lexington
After years of receiving positive student evaluations thanking him for his personal stories that made the content come alive, Hal finally concluded that the most effective method of teaching was to tell stories. Hal teaches in many secular venues - industry, government & academia - but always telling stories. What he enjoys most is teaching Torah to adults in congregations and students in Jewish schools. As part of this experience Hal invites and facilitates participants in creating stories (midrashim) that enhances and expounds on the text; a most effective technique for studying Torah. Students in 3rd thru 7th grade are captivated by creating stories for a reporter for the Canaan Times (photo). Hal’s learning has taken him from yeshiva and encompasses orthodox, conservative, reform, renewal & havurah Judaism. He is a graduate of the Davvening Leadership Training Institute at Elat Chayyim and a recent winner at a MassMouth StorySlam.
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For Students
For Educators
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Elementary- grades K-5
Middle - grades 6-8
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Hal is a dynamic and engaging story teller, who not only brings the Torah to you, but brings you into the Torah. Hal's approach transforms listeners into participants, and allows for connection to the Torah in a new way.
Jewish Men’s Retreat participant 2010