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Noa Baum is an award-winning Israeli storyteller, author and educator, trained in theater and education at Tel Aviv University and NYU. Her animated, energetic style and rich interpretations of her Israeli-Jewish heritage bring a unique flavor to her storytelling performances and workshops. Noa uses storytelling to cultivate understanding and compassion: Her one-woman show "A Land Twice Promised" relives her heartfelt dialogue with a Palestinian woman, illuminating the complex and contradictory history and emotions surrounding Jerusalem for Israelis and Palestinians alike. In her new show for adults and teens "Impossible to Translate but I'll Try" Noa takes us on a poignant and humorous journey through her life, to discover that growing up in Jerusalem is more than the Bible and War... Experience a completely different side of Israel with stories of childhood adventures, outrageous matchmaking and all the love in between! Noa's storytelling has captivated and inspired audiences of all ages, children and adults, in hundreds of congregations, schools, universities and organizations. Highlights include: The World Bank; The Mayo Clinic; Kennedy Center; Smithsonian Institute; US Defense Department; NYC Jewish Museum; Jewish Theological Seminary; Brandies University; Park Avenue Synagogue. She has been a featured presenter at Limmud UK, Limmud Cambridge UK, LimmudFest New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia and New Orleans. Noa is the author of a new memoir : A LAND TWICE PROMISED - AN ISRAELI WOMAN'S QUEST FOR PEACE, a penetrating, introspective memoir that mines the depths of the chasm between the Israeli and Palestinian experiences, the torment of family loss and conflict, and the therapy of storytelling as a cleansing art. She is a winner of a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award and a Storytelling World Award and a recipient of numerous Individual Artist Awards from Maryland State Arts Council and Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County.
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Transcends boundaries to entertain: [Noa Baum] spreads cultural truths that eclipse geopolitical boundaries... her stories transcend their roots.
The Washington Post
In this touching and honest memoir, Baum shares the story of how her search for peace informed her life...Baum's genuine desire to make a difference may well inspire others to do the same.
Publishers Weekly
Her stories were mesmerizing, her timing impeccable, and her connection with the children genuine. Loved her!
Nan Jarashow
Principal. AlephBet Jewish day school, Annapolis, MD
Noa's ear for detail and dialect is unsurpassed, but it's the specificity of her writing, and the intimacy of her delivery, which makes her storytelling an experience to be treasured, savored, and above all, not to be missed!
Ari Roth
Artistic Director, Mosaic Theater, Washington, DC
The stunning result of Baum's work is not a competition of narratives, but a consolidation of them. Or to use a musical metaphor, her alternating of Jewish and Arab stories created a point/counterpoint that feels more like a richly dissonant piece of music than a political debate.
Daniel Schifrin
The Jewish Week, New York
Educators on a variety of levels that participated in your workshop discovered strategies and ideas that were inspiring, and that gave them fresh resources to use in their learning environment. How lucky we are to have had your expertise and energy to kick off this important initiative!
Rena Fruchter
Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning, Rockville, MD