Rabbi Dan Gordon

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Rabbi Dan
661 Bering Drive, # 110 Houston
713-278-2722/(281) 216-2558
Rabbi Dan Gordon (or “Reb Dante”) has been delighting young (and not-so-young) audiences for nearly 30 years. He’s toured throughout the United States, Israel and Australia with his unique adaptations of traditional folklore, Hasidic classics and personal stories of life. He creates an atmosphere of warmth and imagination, with audiences of any age or size feeling as if they belong within the stories. Stories are amusing and thought provoking, inspiring audiences to feel good about themselves and what the world has to offer. He especially enjoys bringing adults and children together, and can modify any program to fit the age group and desire of the audience. Interfaith programs are also specialties for Rabbi Dan Gordon. Sample programs include: - Wit and Wisdom from a Wondering Jew - Unlikely Elijahs - Choices and Challenges - The Power of Story (workshop)
With each tale, you feel his dedication and the beautiful integrity of his soul.
Peninnah Schram
National Storytelling Association Lifetime Achievement Award
He has an unbelievable talent for discerning what each person needs to hear. It’s powerful!
Rabbi Ernesto Yattah
Buenos Aires, Argentina