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Rachmiel Tobesman's tales are gathered from many places throughout the world. He follows the rich tradition of storytelling as he delivers lessons and enjoyment while he entertains in the tradition of the maggidim of old. 

The artistry of this maggid as a master is not only how he speaks, but in the what he says. He is electrifying not only his delivery, but for the thoughts he shares as he touches the Jewish soul. No matter whether it is a parable, chasidic tale, or a medieval Jewish story, much can be gained from this maggid's programs. Reb Tobesman's stories allow him to tailor his programs to a particular theme, holiday, or historical event. 

Unlike the intricately reasoned sermons of a congregational rabbi, this maggid utilizes many anecdotes, parables, and stories to raise the spiritual awareness of the listener. Rabbi Tobesman takes the listeners on a journey to another time and every place the Jewish people have been. 

The very backdrop to the maggid's stories is attractive to its listeners allowing one to peek into the beliefs, and lifestyles of a vanishing age of a faraway world and reminding them that the messages are eternal - just as strong today as they were yesterday. 

Rachmiel Tobesman has written a number of books and articles about stories and storytelling. His recordings (Coins, Candles and Faith (2009) - The Treasures Of The King, The Princess And The Peat Digger (2005) - The Magic Glasses (1999) - Estrangement And Children’s Healing Stories (1996)) are very popular. 

His unique teaching program “Tales of the Storyteller” allows people to unlock and unravel the lessons found in Jewish stories while exploring Jewish thought. See http://projectshalom2.org/TalesoftheStoryteller.html for more information

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"Rabbi Tobesman weaves stories and spreads magic as the medieval wizard cast spells.... Everyone felt the wonder and excitement as he told stories long forgotten.... His stories kept everyone spell bound from young to old."
Palm Beach Sun Times
Rachmiel is a Maggid (traditional itinerant storytelling rabbi) and he will introduce participants to spiritual storytelling. Come ready for an adventure, mystery, and curiosity; leave with a new approach to spirituality.
Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference (2008)