Rivka Willick

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100 Albion St
New Jersey

Get ready to laugh, sigh, cheer and remember. Rivka performs stories from history, traditional tales, folk narratives, her own stories, and the personal stories of others to create an original blend of unforgettable tales. Rivka, also a writer, works with individuals and families to save their stories in both written and oral recordings. She performs healing stories at hospitals, special need camps, health oriented centers, and other venues. She has told at major festivals in Texas, Wisconsin, Orlando, D.C. , Conn, Virginia, and NJ as well as  JCCs, senior centers, Chabad, Hadassah, schools, businesses, outdoor fairs, and more.  After all, a story can be told almost anywhere.   


 Rivka is one of three featured tellers on “The Jewish Storytelling Project” video and will release her book of Chanukah Tales in 2016.  Rivka is Shomer Shabbos and will perform at Shabbos events without a mic or amplification.  Rivka also does shows with hand percussion drums and invites listeners to join in drum circles.

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