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Sandor (Sandy)
New York
Sandy Schuman delights in sharing personal adventures, historical sagas, folk tales, and tall tales. He tells stories about songs and sings songs that tell a story. His performance of songs from the Great American Songbook – and the stories of how they came to be – celebrate some of the best-known American songs by some of the least-known Jewish songwriters. "My Father was a Storyteller" includes original Jewish stories and songs. "Song of the Century" is the sing-along story behind the number one song of the 20th century. "Welcome to Chelm’s Pond," is where the ridiculous stories of Chelm meet the preposterous tall tales of the Adirondacks. Sandy says his father was a storyteller. "It was his everyday way of communicating important values and ideas. I discovered that I followed in his footsteps when I led a training program several years ago. At the end, when the attendees were asked what they liked best about the workshop, they said, ‘Sandy’s stories.’ That's how I found out I was a storyteller!"
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Sandy is a master storyteller, and an excellent author. When Sandy tells a story the audience becomes engrossed in everything he is saying. He has a way of capturing your attention and keeping your interest until the last word. Sandy is also a talented writer. I'm looking forward to reading his next book.
Audrey Ellowitz
Temple Israel, Albany
Excellent Performance at Schoharie Crossing. Sandy told some very engaging stories at Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site. He read his audience nicely and was welcomed with big smiles and clear enjoyment.
Janice Fontanella
New York State Office of Parks and Recreation
A new piece of Jewish folklore, a sheer delight. Love, difference, gender issues, conversion to Judaism, belief in God, honesty ... Adirondack Mendel's Aufruf, while keeping faith with the Chelm traditions, is also moving us forward with honest inquiry on difficult topics. It is a great way to develop a useful Jewish cultural vocabulary, and as a new piece of Jewish folklore, a sheer delight.
Rabbi Goldie Milgram
The Philadelphia Jewish Voice
Extremely enjoyable. I have just finished reading your book Adirondack Mendel’s Aufruf and I must say I found it extremely enjoyable. All the book's characters fitted in well with the story. I particularly liked your use of Yiddish words and expressions together with the excellent Glossary. The lovely illustrations completed the book. And your ending, with your special one-page of Sim Shalom, was excellent.
David Minkoff, Hertfordshire, UK
Author of "Oy!: The Ultimate Book of Jewish Jokes," "Oy Vey: More!: The Ultimate Book of Jewish Jokes Part 2," and "The Best Jewish Jokes Website in the World"
Oy, this funniness is giving me an ice cream headache. Mendel’s romp through the Adirondacks gave me a laugh a page. The Chelmites reminded me of my relatives. Bloomie is a doll. Aufruf – well, what do you say about a faithful Hebrew speaking dog? I look forward to the next installment. A good hot pastrami sandwich while reading this enhances the experience, but I read in bed and the smell of mustard wakes me up in the night. Enjoy!
Ira Rubtchinsky
Albany, New York
... These heartwarming stories have all the best ingredients of tall tale humor — absurdity, a smidgeon of subtlety, and good-hearted, corny fun.
Joyce Levine
Association of Jewish Libraries Reviews